Sunday, September 25, 2011

Immigration Rights | Revenue from the Undocumented

Recently the Obama administration put forth a proposal to tax rich Americans and companies. Another method to raise revenue is to reform immigration laws that encourage undocumented immigrants to pay taxes and fines.
This is not a new idea, nor is it an idea that has only been embraced by left-leaning people. Most immigration lawyers embrace it. President Reagan adopted a law that enabled undocumented immigrants to pay a fine and earn legal status.
Already, immigrants are supposed to pay taxes. The IRS issues an ITIN number in place of a social security number that allows undocumented immigrants to pay taxes without informing the government of their identity. Yet many immigrants do not readily file for taxes because they feel generally afraid of immigration consequences whenever they communicate with a government agency.
Even though many low-skilled immigrants are not wealthy, many immigrants have large connections of friends and family to help pay for certain expenses. A payment to stay in the US is such an expense where the undocumented will pay.
Otherwise, if the undocumented will not pay, we will have a better idea of what enforcement to use.

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